Thursday, June 5, 2014

Auto- hides your girlfriend’s call & massage with a simple android app.

android apps tutorial 24
I extend a warm invitation to all of today's post. I dedicate this post to those who would love to hide. Today I will introduce a very nice android application and this apps name is "360 Mobile Safe".Let is know how to use this application. There are multiple benefits of this application. With this application you can hide all massage, miss call and received call a person of your choice. There are many such apps, but security is much better in this application. Purpose of this application is given below.

  • Phone checkup 
  • System Cleanup 
  • Anti - Virus 
  • Call and sms blocker
  • Clean the phone with shake
  • Numbers backup
  • Anti - Theft 
  • App Manager (System App can be removed) 
  • Battery Power Management.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the application of Security volts. Please note that the numbers add to supply, incoming call from that number does not show up on your history log. The system will show Missed call notification but the numbers do not show up. The system will display a message notification
But no one except you can see. By using this app you can stay locked into your App. Supply pattern of the application and password are the two types of securities.If you want to see how the application will work click on the link below.

It's a free app, so if you want to use this apps, please download it from google play store.Today this far. As always appeared again with a new application. Stay well, stay healthy. Good bye.