Monday, March 17, 2014

Mange Efficiently Bookmarks On Android Using Bookmark Folder App

Android Apps Tutorial
If user hooked up with different browser and apps, bookmarking on smartphone and tablets little bit hard. We find out one applications to mange your bookmarks record efficiently. Bookmark Folder Manger comes handy android app on Google Play Store. This app allow you easy way to mange browser favourites and store records in folders.

When users open app it’s display all bookmarks listing. Add button can create new record or directories for you. you can send bookmarks and especially reset sorting order.

Bookmarking Manger Folder available as free and paid app. Please keep in mind, basic version only capable to create maximum 2 directories. if you want to abolish this restriction test it and pay for paid version on Google Play Store.

Bookmark Folder Manger Pro:

  •     Very easy to use.
  •     Supports move to SD.
  •     Please email if you need help.