Monday, March 17, 2014

Android 4.2 Leaked Keyboard And Clock Available For ICE And Jelly Bean

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Currently majorities of android users using alternate keyboards like Swype on smartphones and tablets. It’s because these keyboard little bit better then Android built-in keyboard  and enables gesture-based typing. However if your device not running latest iteration of android. you can easily install android 4.2 Leaked keyboard plus clock.

Google already request technologies log to remove unfinished version of keyboard. But latest hack having official version. One of XDA- Developer posted leaked keyboard and clock apps from 4.2 earlier of android. So peoples who don’t have privilege to android 4.2 can enjoy new features of android OS.

So if you want to try this hack, Query Google For “[APP] Stock Android 4.2 Keyboard (with Gesture Swiping) Leaked”

Some Tips:-

  •     Maybe installing 4.2 keyboard cause force close on new keyboard.
  •     Keyboard running with Android 4.0+
  •     Maybe new clock show crashes but clock works good with Android 4.1 jelly bean.