Thursday, May 15, 2014

Android users take great apps at a premium tools name “Cool Tool Pro”

Hello Friends, how are you? I hope everyone is doing very well. Today I have come up with new and effective apps. The name of the apps is “Cool Tool Pro”. Your Android device's system to be associated with different data or floating in the status bar you can see very easily. Let's become familiar with the apps.
Android Apps Tutorial 24

This apps is really cool. When you use this you feel very much comfortable. You can also say this apps
"Quick System Info".
Android Apps Tutorial 24

Through the use of CPU data associated with apps, ram usage related information, 2G / 3 G / WiFi related information, including information relating to the battery in the status bar, or floating in a lot of different information can be viewed. 

Android Apps Tutorial 24

Where do you want to see this information in the status bar, you can set it in manual. You can learn more about the apps from Google play. This apps rating is 4.8 and a price of $ 2.98 per apps. So, dear friend, download it any enjoy yourself with this.
Android apps Tutorial 24